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About us
Spiceheads was founded and created by me, Captain Richard Williams, aka Steven Howarth and is dedicated to publishing photographs and videos of people who appear to be under the influence of illegal drugs in public.

I had filmed a video that I called The Crab man on the Blackpool crossing in April 2018, which had so many hits on  my personal Facebook page, it inspired me to build the Facebook page, group, website, Twitter and Youtube accounts.

My Facebook page soon gained over 10,000 loyal followers, with a Twitter following of 57,000, by using photos and videos of people "who appeared to be under the influence of NPS (Spice)" from all over Britain, including Blackpool Worksop, Barnsley, Doncaster Manchester, Bolton, Sheffield, Leeds and Wakefield and currently has 72,280 Facebook followers, with Twitter having 54,400 followers, as of 15/12/2021

The Spiceheads name has gained notability through google and Bing search engines, where my Website, Facebook and Twitter pages are the top 3 on page one, along with being used as the reference standard by Nottinghamshire Live News, which reported about a copycat page Spice Ed's, and said "The new site is similar to the long-established Spiceheads website, which has been educating people about related issues for a number of years"  

What do I do?
I provide Information, help and advice to the public about the devastating effects of the mentally ill drug users, alcoholics, prostitutes, beggars, Homeless and the Fake Homeless Beggars.

As the towns mentioned above, along with a few other towns and cities, are some of the worst hit areas in the UK, there are many places that are not affected, and the people that live in them, simply do not believe that the problem exists.

The Videos and Photographs we post, help to show the people that live in those other towns and cities that are not affected, what its like to live and work in the worst hit areas of the epidemic.

The educational effect of this should help these people to make sure that it does'nt happen in their towns and cities, through forward planning with the local council and police.

Educating your children
If you have children, It’s going to be a much more challenging world for them to grow up in, than it was for you and your parents.

Buy using the information videos and photographs contained on our page, you can chose when and what to show them about the problem, in your own time and when you think that they are ready.

The voice of the public
I now have so many followers, that the Police, Council and local government have started to take me seriously and with 72k loyal followers, who give me their backing and support, gives me all a lot of clout and a voice for the public, in the places and communities that matter.

Community Chaperone Service
I also support the real vulnerable people in the community, the genuine homeless, the elderly, disabled and children, some of who are too afraid to go out shopping alone or to go out on the streets, or parks and play. This service provides a free chaperone service across the country, using off duty SIA approved security staff, that give up their free time, (for free) and escort our followers when out shopping or doing other things and protect them from being accosted by the Fake Homeless Beggars, and people using drugs on the streets.

No implication or assumption is made that the people in our photos or videos are using, or under the influence of drugs.

Some videos and photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property and others are sent by third parties or have been found on YouTube.

Steve Howarth. founder of Spiceheads pages, groups, websites, Twitter and YouTube pages 16/12/2021

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