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Our mission
Firstly, before you start with “Oh that poor man, he’s mentally ill you know, think of his family, he’s someones son and brother blah blah blah”

Spiceheads.co.uk is about providing Information, help and advice to the public, to educate them about the devastating effects of NPS Spice and the affect it is having not just in the UK, but in many others across the world.

I’m Sorry our videos are so shocking, but this situation needs nipping in the bud before it contaminates the majority of the planet. It’s like a zombie invasion, and we need to protect our citizens, in particular our men women and children from the affects of this terrible affliction.


All our Videos and Photographs are:
Posted in the public interest, by http://spiceheads.co.uk/ to educate the public about drugs, alcohol, mental health, beggars, the homeless and bullies, with no assumption that anyone in the post is one of the above.

As part of our mission is to stop people begging and taking drugs in public, we expect many of our users to express their concerns and points of view, most of which is just banter, although some of comments may be very strong.

Spice Heads Pages Websites and Groups do not endorses, or encourage any threat of violence, intimidation or bullying against anyone that’s filmed and sent material in to us, the people featured in our photographs or videos, the admin team, or any of our users.

Any such credible threat, be it direct or indirect will be reported to the Police.

Steve Howarth. founder of Spiceheads pages, groups, websites, Twitter and YouTube pages 16/12/2021

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